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Nat's Last Struggle by P. A. Wray--a one act African American,drama, played to acclaim at the Earl Hamner Theater and The Venue at 35th

Fables and Fairy Tales

Oliver Twist


Snow White

The Sleeping Beauty

The Snow Queen

Classic Adaptations for Kids 
and Community Theater

Macbeth for Kids

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Tempest

Reverse Hamlet

A Concise Romeo and Juliet: In fewer, fewer words

The Hypochondriac:  a 50-minute adaptation of the Moliere classic farce

Issue Plays for Youth and Adults

Group S.O.S.: members of a therapy group for survivors of sexual abuse conflict

I Am The Brother of Dragons: the family of a teen drug addict confront him and their denial of family issues. Small cast; 45 minutes; great for touring

All Dressed Up: a teen age girl struggles with pressure from her friends and boyfriend. Should she give up her virginity or not?  Small cast; 45 minutes; great for touring

Three Long Days: Teenagers come to grips with stereotyping and the need for tolerance and understanding for one another.  Small cast; 45 minutes; great for touring

DropOut:  takes on the concern of urban schools and provides positive alternatives.  Small cast; 45 minutes; great for touring

Ophelia Lives!: This play deals honestly and sensitively with depression and suicidal impulses among teens via a drama team  doing scenes from HAMLET. Small cast; 45 minutes; great for touring

James Joyce's "Dubliners"
small casts; 30 - 45 minutes; easy touring
  • Eveline a young woman tries to escape her controlling father.

  • The Boarding House: Mrs. Mooney, the butcher's offspring, seeks a husband for her daughter.

  • The Dead: Gabriel Conroy confronts the mortality of life and marriage

 Enemy of the People (Ibsen)

Senior Performers and Audiences

Short Shorts for Seniors: 5 short comedies for actors and audiences of "a certain age"

A Cold Day in Hell: Charlie considers terminating his wife's medical support as he creates a tape explaining his feelings to his children.  Will he go through with it?

Attack at the Pierre-Fontaine: friends in a senior apartment house in New York are led to believe that an attack is imminent.  Duct tape and tin foil are some of their counter-measures

Friends and Relations: 3 one acts bring new life and possible romance.  


Snapshots (Winner of the Kernodle) 35 years of marriage are revealed in these quick pics of moments that never made the family album.

The Devil's Due: in this comedy, a painter confronts his manic depression through the auspices of Dr. Boudreaux.  Is he the psychiatrist he claims to be?

The Pinch Hitter: a woman goes on strike when her family fails to appreciate her.


91366  A new short play by Lori M. Myers, the daughter of Holocaust survivors.  A young girl in search of independence finds more than she expected from encountering an elderly woman in a tattoo parlor.

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Plays With Music

Feathers in the Wind:  in this comedy, an adaptation of Jewish folktales, the foolish people of Chelm try to find a rabbi. 

The Three Sarahs: a one-woman cabaret or a 3-woman show, Sarah gives us the lowdown on life with Abe.

Canterbury Tales: a musical adaptation of the classic tales .

Hymn to the Chesapeake: a haunting poetic play of life among the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The Stoff of Balthazar:  a woman fights thieves and henchman in a medieval forest for the return of her huband for the holidays. 

* * * * * * *

Plays for Events

Fanny & Manny Tie the Knot: a wedding spook featuring a mis-matched couple.  This play can be performed at any wedding venue and the audience members are the invited guests.

Plays for Seniors
Twisted Shakespeare
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A Concise Christmas Carola 50-minute adapation for 1 0 4 actors by D. D. Delaney
by Mickey Coburn: This Cinderella is feisty and fiery, the dialog is full of humor; the addition of two sprites – Junot and Julie – give additional casting possibilities for younger actors. 

Blue Moon Plays.
Scripts for stage, classroom, seniors,  community, and professional  theatre
LINK TO Blue Moon Plays  
 Find edgy, hot-off-the-press plays looking for premieres, as well as new scripts seeking workshop development.  Find your next big hit here. 

HaveScripts is now 
HaveScripts/Blue Moon Plays.
Short-short,  one-act and full-length plays show seniors as they live exciting and sometimes precarious lives. 

New Collections of Short Shorts for Seniors

Independence Day by Marj O'Neill Butler: seniors get revenge

ElderPair, Courtship Comedies by Pat Montley: romance can bloom anew

I Love Jack Kerouac by Jan Quackenbush quirky one-act comedies for seniors

Short Shorts for Seniors by Ludmilla Bollow: short shorts great for senior communities

4F and 3M /No physical set: 
Lights, Music, Sound 

Eight teenagers laugh and cry as they tell their personal stories about growing up gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender in a world that continues to be perplexed and challenged by sexual differences. Among the most basic fundamental need is to have a voice in your own life; to be heard, accepted and to be respected. Perhaps the voice of LOST AND FOUND will contribute a little more clarity and humanity into a world brimming with preconceived ideas, primitive notions and prejudice about people who are not plain garden variety heterosexual.

Each main character plays the other characters in each individual’s story 

New Release

Distant Survivors

by June Prager
based on the poetry of
William Heyen

Conceived and adapted for the stage by director June Prager, Distant Survivors is based on poetry by William Heyen.  The inspiration for this play came from several volumes of Holocaust poetry by William Heyen – ErikaFalling from Heaven; and Shoah Train.  He has created a most prolific and powerful body of work on the subject, confronting man's attempt to fathom the evil that spurred it, the responsibility for that evil, and insight into the nature of man. 

Given the rise of anti-Semitism across the globe and the increase of attacks, verbal and physical, against Jews as well as other ethnic groups, we cannot afford to forget.  In this poetic drama, we see the past through the eyes of a German-American who looks back on his ancestral heritage and tries to come to terms with it.  
Breaking News! 

 HaveScripts and Blue Moon Plays are merging to give you access to a wide range of theater. Shortly, we will be coming to you with a brand new e-commerce site that will be easier to search for comedies, dramas, musicals, and monologues to suit your theater.  

HaveScripts will continue to bring you the latest in educational drama: adaptations of classics and original dramas that highlight the issues challenging teens today, as well as plays and monologues that speak to the both the spiritual and senior communities.

Blue Moon Plays is developing a venue for plays destined for the professional and regional theater market place.  The plays that will find a fit with Blue Moon are 

  • Award-winning scripts that have had significant productions at Off-Off- Broadway or Regional Theaters or
  • Scripts that have been workshopped and are looking for further development

Be the first to find the next new hit to find legs in the dramatic community.  

We will still offer the same quality of scripts and writers as we always have during this transition.  Keep in touch.  If you wish to be informed when our new site is ready to open, please sign up for our newsletter.  We promise not to pester you more than once a month.  But we will be sending information on new plays and offering discounts or freebies for your theater.  

HaveScripts/Blue Moon Plays will also be hosting 2 blogs, one which will allow you to learn about and even communicate with the writers, many of whom are actors and directors.  The other will be tips, suggestions and links to help make your next production your best.

As we make this transition, you can still reach us at either site.  Information on our latest release is listed below.