Snapshots by Jean Klein: This 3-actor touching comedy captures the high and low points of a 30-year marriage.  Winner of the Kernodle One-Act Play Competition in 2010.

About the Play:  Maggie and Sy discover each other on a park bench near the University at which they have both come to teach.  What follows is a whimsical and musical overview of their courtship, marriage, parenthood,and eventual widowhood.  First produced at The Venue on 35th in Norfolk, Virginia.

Snapshots is a 30 minute contemporary play which dramatizes those important moments in a 35-year marriage which are crucial to its longevity but, unlike wedding days and birthdays, never make it into the photo album. A composite of moments in time, this play follows the arc of a long-term relationship using three actors.

Maggie from the age of 27 to 60’s
Sy her husband, ages 32 to 60’s
Man plays a park attendant, a wedding guest, an obstetrician, and Maggie and Sy’s son at various ages.  

Running time: about 30 minutes

From the play:
The Stage:  There are three cubes which will represent a variety of things:  a bench, a table, etc.  One cube can serve as a prop table and hold a Yarzeit candle, a phone, a picture album, etc.  There is also a coat rack on which there are items of clothing which the characters will put on as they age.  When the lights go up, MAGGIE is sitting on a bench.  MAGGIE is young, in her mid- twenties, wearing a casual top and holding a rosary.  Occasionally MAGGIE looks around as if expecting someone.  Someone offstage coughs.  MAGGIE looks around, expectantly and half-rises.   SY enters, a little older than MAGGIE and dressed in a suit and tie;. MAGGIE sits and turns back, disappointed. They freeze for a moment as we hear the sound of a camera snap and possibly see a brief flash of light.  SY drops a cigarette butt and puts it out with his foot before he continues walking.  He has his head down and moves his lips as if rehearsing something.  He trips over her feet.

Oy!   Tsedreyt in kop  [Se drayt in cop]

What did you call me?

What?  Oh, no, not you.  I’m just, I don’t know, I wasn’t watching where I was going . . .

Are you all right?  You want to sit down?  (She moves over on the bench.)

I really don’t have much time.  

 I hope I don’t, either.  

(MAGGIE continues with her rosary.)

Are you waiting for someone?

(looking at a ring on her finger)
Yes.  And no.  If he comes, I’ll have to answer a question.

Do you have an answer?

No.  And it makes me nervous.  

Then the answer better be “no.”  Always say “no” when something gives you schpielkes [shpeelkiss]?

Gives me what?  I certainly don’t have . . .   What are speelkes?

SCHPielkes.  Jewish ants in the pants.

Oh!  (pause)  What makes them Jewish?

I don’t know.  Maybe they’re circumcised. (He looks at the rosary in her hands.)  You’re not Jewish, are you?

What gave you that clue? 

Things just come to me sometimes.

small cast, one act, comedy, marriage, photo album
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Snapshots: A One-Act Award Winning Comedy/Drama With Small Cast

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