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FEATHERS IN THE WIND-- book and lyrics by David Rush, music by Errol Pearlman    Based on Jewish folktales, the story unfolds from the beginning of the world when all the silly folks are accidentally dropped into a town called Chelm, a mythical, l9th century Eastern European storyland. Cast:  4-5 M and 4 W, with a larger cast possible. Music:  Original music with lead sheets and CD available.

AND SARAH LAUGHED -- book and lyrics by Gillette Elvgren; music by Letha Holland-Deel. Sarah Laughed is a cabaret-style musical based on the life of Abraham's Sarah--but this Sarah has three distinctive personalities. From Jewish Princess to Raconteur, she weaves a patter about her life with "Abe" that is both touching and hilarious. This show has two versions: a cabaret style musical/comedy with one actress playing Sarah, another written for 3 actresses representing the diverse personalities. (A DVD of a performance is available for purchase.)

THE STAFF of BALTHAZAR-- book and lyrics by Jean Klein, music by Fred Ewing:  A medieval relic, the Staff of Balthzar, may have magical properties.  Or is it only in the hands of Katherine that it works to guide a family home for the winter celebration?   Cast:  5 M; 2 W; 3 - 8 M/F  Music: Original music with lead sheets.
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A haunting musical of the Eastern Shore watermen. Incorporating poetry, traditional melodies and lyrics adapted from traditional music.  Cast: 5M, 5W.  Music:  Lead sheet available.

CANTERBURY TALES.  by Gillette Elvgren
 A rollicking adaptation of Chaucer’s comic pilgrimage. Cast: M,   W, with larger cast possible.   Music: Lead sheets, CD, and DVD available.

SPREAD YOUR GARMENT OVER ME  by Gillette Elvgren; Music by Christopher Manlendoski:  inspirational monologues and songs based on lives of women in the Bible.  Cast: 1-6 W, meet Eve, Sarah, Rahab and the Witch of Endor, and Mother Teresa among several.   Music:  Available through arrangement with Gillette Elvgren..

FOR THE LEAST OF THESE  by Gillette Elvgren:  inspirational monologues of great Christian women based on their lives in the Bible.  Funny and poignant pieces by St. Helena, Hildegard of Bingen,  Sojourner Truth and Mother Theresa.  Cast:  A tour de force for one woman or a flexible cast of 4W and 1M.  Music:  Hebrew and Christian melodies with period dances are recommended.

BACK IN THE GROOVE by Kathleen L. McBlair:  a large-cast comedy set in the 1960’s, designed for a group of performers who prefer a simple, fun script.  Cast:  ideal for Elementary students or those with disabilities.  Music: Selected tunes from the '60's.    Producers purchase rights to whatever songs they select

FANNY AND MANNY TIE THE KNOT delicious dinner comedy by Kathleen L. McBlair:  a full-length interactive fundraiser spoofing a wedding between a socialite Jewish family from the city, and the daughter of a rural pig farmer.  The bride and groom are very much in love, but, oh, when those families clash! It’s a fun show for a Church or Service Organization. The material is mildly adult, but small children would be just as bored with this as they are with real weddings. Cast:  Producers make this as large or small as a wedding.  Music: Popular tunes; producers purchase rights to whatever songs they select.  

FundING FOLLIES  a one-act musical review in six scenes, by Judy Ziegler:  Set in a modern school, the production unfolds as a class trip to Italy. Cast: 4M, 10W should reflect the flair of assorted students and faculty.  Music: Popular tunes; producers purchase rights to whatever songs they select.

PRODUCING A SHOW: The amateur and stock rights to the musicals listed on this site are held by  Royalty fees are listed on the page for each play.  A royalty must be paid every time a play is performed before an audience, whether it is presented for profit, or whether admission is charged. A play is performed any time it is acted, or read aloud before an audience. For prices, availability or inquiries concerning amateur and stock rights, query at 
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Licensing the Music: Producers may view the score before purchasing the scripts needed for production.  They may rent the piano score upon purchasing the review copy of the reading script. The piano score may be previewed free for up to 3 weeks and then returned to   (Producer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges.) If a review score is not returned by the due date, the production company will be charged late fees.  If the producer chooses the show, they will be billed for royalties and production copies and then, may keep the score for their production.  Royalty and music rental fees will be due at least 10 days prior to the first performance. After the production, copies of the score must be returned to at the return address on the performance license. Any music package not returned by the due date stated on your invoice will be subject to a replacement fee. 

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